Ms WafflesThe Cat


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Waffles' Story

In September of 2015, this beautiful little furball was attacked by her previous owner's new dog. Her owner decided she had no connection to Waffles and would rather have her dog, so Waffles was abandoned. She was brought to the hospital where it was determined her tail needed to be removed, or she needed to be put down. The generosity of Gainesville Pet Rescue helped pay for her tail amputation done by the incredible team at Newberry Animal Hospital. Before she had a chance to be adopted, I took her in to foster her, but did not have her home for a week before I decided she was here to stay.


The tail removal was successful, yet further nerve damage had been done farther up her spine. Waffles has been receiving acupuncture treatments and is on medication to ease her discomfort. The merchandise available on this website are to pay for her medication and treatment. You can also like her on Facebook at and on instagram @MsWafflesTheCat 


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